We believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it’s where change begins. New habits and healthy decisions start with a morning ritual, so fill your plate with fresh veggies, hearty grains and delicious plant-based products like JUST Egg and join us in celebrating Better Breakfast Month this September.

Made from plants (not chickens), JUST Egg is packed with clean, sustainable protein, has zero cholesterol and it looks, cooks and tastes like conventional eggs. It also comes in two convenient formats – one that’s great for scrambles, omelets and a variety of baking applications, and one that’s toaster-ready and perfect for breakfast sandwiches.

When we realize a plant can be an egg, we eat healthier, the planet thanks us and our breakfast rituals take on even more meaning.
BBM Beans to plate

Start with more plants

As we discover the many benefits of eating plants, more people are incorporating plant-based products into their daily lives. A new national poll of 2,000 Americans found that six in 10 are transitioning to a more flexitarian diet, citing health as the top reason for making the change. Many respondents said they were going plant-based at breakfast, which they view as the most important meal of the day, and more than half look for high protein and low sugar options. Read more about the survey here.

If you’re going plant-based, studies show you should start with the egg. In a recent report published in the monthly medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine, some of our country’s leading scientists showed that substituting plant-based protein sources for eggs reduced risk for death from heart disease by more than 20%. In comparison, replacing red meat with plant-based proteins reduced the risk by up to 15%.

Start with a better breakfast

We are proud to be partnering with restaurants across the country to serve a healthier breakfast with JUST Egg. Use our store locator to find a restaurant in your area or see our list of Better Breakfast Month partners. 

Serve a better egg – get in touch at bbm@ju.st