Campus Ambassador Program

We want you to be an ambassador for a better egg. Dining halls have made some positive shifts towards plant-based eating – but not for breakfast. Fixing this is as easy as adding JUST Egg to the menu, and you're the one who can make that happen. By participating in this program, you confirm that you are 18+ and agree to the full terms and conditions.

By becoming a Campus Ambassador, you’ll be given:

  • Free JUST Egg gear
  • Exclusive sampling of JUST Egg products before they hit the shelves
  • Pamphlets and materials for outreach
  • Recognition as one of the first-ever JUST Egg Campus Ambassador
  • A $1,000 reward if your college or university adds JUST Egg to its permanent menu

Make an impact with us

Send an email to and a member of our team will be in touch about next steps.

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You can start immediately

Submit a note to your dining hall administrator (or put it in your own words) and ask them to add JUST Egg to the menu.

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