Inspired by America

Roasted potato Red bell pepper Dill

JUST Egg Sous Vide egg bites on a plate

Inspired by Japan

Mushroom Sweet potato Furikake

JUST Egg Sous Vide egg bite on a plate with other vegetables

Inspired by Mexico

Roasted poblano Black beans Chili powder

JUST Egg Sous Vide bites on a plate with JUST Egg box behind

“Your innovations are changing the world”

— John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market

Perfectly cooked egg bite, every time.

We make JUST Egg Sous Vide in three unique flavors inspired by global cuisines and whole plant ingredients.

  • Plant-based

  • Non-GMO

  • Cholesterol-free

  • 9g of protein

  • No artificial flavors

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  • Non-GMO icon
  • cholesterol-free icon
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farm at dusk

These are eggs on a mission.

Any questions?

Explore delicious.

Eggs are one of life’s great pleasures. So is making a better world. Good thing we can enjoy both at the same time.

scrambled just egg with a piece of toast on a plate
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