Q+A with Cade Cunningham

The No. 1 pick in the 2021 NBA draft shares his morning routine and favorite JUST Egg burrito.
Cade Cunningham holds a JUST Egg sandwich and spins a basketball on the other hand.
Cade Cunningham was the overall No. 1 pick in the 2021 NBA draft. The 6-feet-6-inch Cunningham was named the Big 12 Player of the Year during his freshman year at Oklahoma State University, and he’s currently a point guard for the Detroit Pistons. Best of all, this pro athlete is totally plant-based to keep his performance and athleticism at the top of his game.
Cade Cunningham playing basketball.
Joshua Martin / Detroit Pistons

What Cade eats for breakfast: 3-pointers and JUST Egg.

How long have you been plant-based? As a professional athlete, why did you decide to eat this way and how has it affected your performance?

Cade: I’ve been plant-based now for about three years. I started in my junior year of high school during the summertime, and I tried it to see what the health benefits were like, and I started feeling great and playing great.

I had so much more energy. I started playing really well around a month after I started it, and I felt great on the floor. I wasn’t tired very often; my body felt good. I was moving easily. My diet was making me play better.

Why do you like JUST Egg?

Cade: When I started my plant-based journey, it was really tough to find a plant-based egg, but this is the first product that actually tasted like and felt like scrambled eggs. And the best part is that it also tastes really good. I used to really love eggs, and so I feel like it’s the perfect match for me.

What’s your pre-game ritual or routine? Is there anything you always do before a game? How about the mornings?

Cade: Before each game, I’ll get in the sauna and listen to three or four songs. I have songs I rock with for three weeks or so and then I’m over them.

In the mornings, I like to shower and stretch. Then, I like to eat some fruit. I don’t do fruit bowls; I’ll just have one type of fruit, so red grapes or watermelon – whatever’s cut and bought the day before.

What’s your favorite dish or recipe to make with JUST Egg?

Cade: I make scrambles a lot, and I put onions, tomatoes and spinach in there. I’m also big fan of breakfast burritos. Lately, I’ve been filling my burritos with JUST Egg, plant-based sausage, plant-based cheese, tomatoes, onions and some type of potato. You gotta try it.

Cade’s signature scramble with JUST Egg
Cade Cunningham stands with his Detroit teammates.

Joshua Martin / Detroit Pistons