Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to eat well. That means a sustained commitment to our planet, not just on Earth Day, but every day after.  This year, we’re focusing on sharing easy choices you can make to eat more sustainably, every day. The food we eat, and how we grow it, matters. Our food system accounts for 37% of greenhouse-gas emissions. Food from animals makes up only 18% of our calories, yet requires up to 83% of our farmland to produce.

This is why we're so committed to building a better food system. We're leveraging technology and the plant kingdom to find ways to make our food more sustainable. By making our eggs from plants and skipping all the extra steps that go into making a chicken egg, we use 98% less water, 93% fewer greenhouse gases and 86% less land. With the JUST Egg equivalent of more than 100 million eggs now sold, this adds up to real impact for our planet.

We cannot have well humans on a sick planet.
Thomas Berry, naturalist & family farmer

The way we see it, you get to vote for our planet three times every day: at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because of all the things you can do for the planet, what you eat matters the most. And the single most effective way you can reduce your environmental footprint is to eat more plant-based.

Do you know the impact of what you eat? Take the quiz. From the splash of milk you add to your coffee, to how you grease your skillet for your morning scramble – the little things add up. Over the span of mornings that make up a lifetime, the choice of what we have for breakfast can determine the difference between disease and regeneration.

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