Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to eat well. That means a sustained commitment to our planet — yesterday, today and every day after. April 22, 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, but here at JUST we decided to focus on the day after Earth Day, because this is when the work really begins. And if now is not the time to rethink our relationship with the planet, then when would it be?

We are learning now, more than ever, about the interconnectedness of our planet and our people.

You get to vote for our planet three times every day: at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because the single biggest individual impact you can make on our planet is the food you choose to eat. Our food system accounts for 37% of greenhouse-gas emissions. Food from animals makes up only 18% of our calories yet requires up to 83% of our farmland to produce. The food we eat – and how we grow it – matters.

This is why JUST is so committed to building a better food system. We're leveraging the plant kingdom and technology to find ways to make our food more sustainable. By making our eggs from mung beans, we use 98% less water, 93% fewer greenhouse gases and 86% less land. With the JUST Egg equivalent of more than 30 million eggs now sold, it adds up to real impact for our planet.

So as you have more time to cook at home and buy your own groceries, consider making a commitment to lessen your impact. Go plant-based for a week. Cook a zero-waste meal. Challenge your friends, family and neighbors to join you.

Join the conversation with #EarthEveryDay and follow us at @EatJUST on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We'll be sharing simple actions you can take to reduce your environmental footprint, education on the impact of our food system and delicious, planet-friendly recipes.

Food choices matter


Our food system uses up 70% of the freshwater available for human use.


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Earth Day

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