Plants to the people

Your friends might not believe an egg made from a plant is possible, let alone delicious. But you know it is. Now’s your chance to prove it to the skeptics: gift free JUST Egg to up to three friends. And we’ll reward you with a free product too.

When you share JUST Egg with your friends and family, you're being a force for change in our food system. Because it's made from plants, JUST Egg is free of cholesterol and it uses less water and carbon emissions than chicken eggs.

You understand how a better world is created one bite at a time. So we’re giving you this free JUST Egg to start a conversation that will spark change. Join the bigger conversation at #ShareJUSTEgg. Full terms and conditions here and if you have any issues or questions, please reach out to

Here’s how it works


Step 1

Get your ambassador code and forward it to 3 friends


Step 2

Your friend buys JUST Egg (and saves the receipt)


Step 3

Your friend uploads the receipt and gets reimbursed

box bottle

Step 4

Then, you get a free JUST Egg product too

JUST Egg is for everyone

From you your tree-hugging college roommate to that aunt who makes an amazing hollandaise sauce – JUST Egg is meant for everyone to enjoy. No matter what your reasons are for choosing JUST Egg to start your day: it's better for you, it's better for the planet and it's delicious. What's not to love?

Tasting is believing

When you bite into a warm, fluffy forkful of scrambled JUST Egg, there's no denying it. When we realize a plant is an egg, we eat healthier, our planet becomes healthier, and our breakfast rituals take on even more meaning.


Field of mung beans

By making JUST Egg from plants, we use 98% less water and emit 93% less greenhouse gases than conventional eggs.

JUST Egg scramble

JUST Egg has about the same amount of protein as conventional eggs, but with less saturated fat and no cholesterol.

Hands holding mung bean pods

It took us 5 years to find it, but we discovered that the protein in the mung bean magically scrambles like an egg.