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Made from plants (not chickens), JUST Egg is free of cholesterol and uses less water and carbon emissions than conventional eggs. Simply pop it in a toaster, microwave, oven or skillet – a better breakfast has never been easier. Find JUST Egg in the freezer aisle at your local store or order online.
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Now available at select locations of Safeway, Walmart, Metro, Sobeys, Loblaws, Buy-Low Foods, Save-On-Foods and more, as well as all Whole Foods Market Canada stores and a number of independent grocers. Also offered on the menu at Copper Branch, Leopold's Tavern and more restaurants.

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Awesome! I couldn’t believe how much it looked and tasted like scrambled egg.
– Popsugar.

mung bean field

By making JUST Egg from plant ingredients, we use less water and emit fewer greenhouse gases than conventional eggs.

JUST Egg breakfast

JUST Egg has more protein than your average egg, but with less saturated fat and zero cholesterol.

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It took us 5 years to find it, but we discovered that the protein in the mung bean magically scrambles like an egg.