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Now, the Toriyamas are honoring the beliefs of the three generations that came before them by taking on a new challenge: How do you bring this meat to more people — from Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona to diners in Birmingham — and promote an appreciation for Wagyu culture around the globe?

We’re incredibly proud to help them answer that question by combining our expertise in cellular agriculture with their generational mastery. Through a first-of-its-kind partnership, we will develop cultured Wagyu beef using cells from Toriyama prized cows. Then, Awano Food Group (a premier international supplier of meat and seafood) will market and sell the meat to clients, exactly how they do today with conventionally produced Toriyama Wagyu.

JUST Meat Wagyu
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As with any other product, the first step is an extensive research and development phase, followed by scale-up, testing, regulatory approvals and launching a finished product to the public. Ultimately, with a few cells from the best cows in the world, we’ll be able to bring the Toriyama family’s tradition to millions more — building a healthier, stronger and more just food system along the way.

When asked recently by a journalist why Toriyama is taking this bold step to usher in a new era of more sustainable meat production, Wataru Toriyama replied: ポイントは、美味しさを皆様にお届けすること、である。/ “The point is to deliver deliciousness to everyone.”