We believe in the power of the breakfast ritual to improve our health. 

Where better to offer a new eating experience than at the breakfast table, where we gather every day (and often in exactly the same way). In 1897, American food visionary C.W. Post did just that.  

He developed Grape Nuts, a cereal made of only four ingredients: wheat, barley, salt and yeast. Post’s product was novel, sustainable, healthy and entirely plant-based. This new approach to breakfast was spurred on by the health and convenience needs of urban life—and made possible by the emerging technologies of the industrial revolution.   

Grape Nuts

Over 125 years and 6 billion more people on our planet later, there is a growing awareness that what we eat every day is one of the most intimate interactions we have with our bodies, on other living beings and on distant natural habitats. On our interconnected planet, there really is not human health or planet health, there is only health. And we think new approaches are required to build a healthier, stronger food system.  

On our interconnected planet, there really is not human health or planet health, there is only health.

Guided by culinary traditions and advances in technology, we think JUST Egg has something in common with that first box of Grape Nuts. And today, we’re enormously proud to announce that Michael Foods, a subsidiary of Post Holdings and the largest supplier of eggs to restaurants and other foodservice locations (e.g., schools, stadiums, hospitals, large chains) will be manufacturing and distributing JUST Egg in the United States.

MFI Norwalk
14 production facilities across the country

Michael Foods has 14 manufacturing facilities across the country, an unrivaled sales and distribution infrastructure, and is a company committed to innovation. We think our partnership will serve as a model for how young companies and 100-year-old companies can combine the best of themselves to build a food system that we’ll be proud to leave to our great-grandkids.

Josh Tetrick
Co-Founder & CEO
May 18, 2020

JUST eggs in a skillet