Start your tradition

How we were raised to eat, is not how we eat today. According to a recent poll, 42% of baby boomers say their children eat much differently now compared to when they were young. They're eating healthier and more plant-based.

We're eating differently for human health and planet health. For ourselves, the people we love and the generations to come. It's not a rejection of tradition. It's about both renewing old ones and starting new ones. 

Whether it's updating Grandma's old recipe or putting a new dish on your family's holiday table – start your tradition.

A third of all holiday tables now have a plant-based eater.

A recent poll of 2000 Americans found that third of all households now plan for a family member eating more plant-based during the holidays. The change is generational. 70% of millennials would gladly make a plant-based version of a holiday recipe, while only 33% of baby boomers would be willing to do the same.

Millennials say their parents simply refuse to change their ways – specifically their diets. But the parents are listening: Half of baby boomers say they will make at least one plant-based holiday dish this year.

Every generation leaves a mark on the family traditions. What will yours be?