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We love eggs.

We love the way they scramble, the way they fluff, the way they taste better when they’re made from plants. Yes, we said it, and we’ll say it again: The best eggs come from plants.

JUST Egg is a plant-based egg that’s better for the planet, for our bodies and for the birds, too. Use JUST Egg to make convenient breakfast sandwiches, delicious French toast and the best scramble you’ve ever had.

Really good eggs with really good perks.

  • 64% of diners more likely to visit

  • 45 seconds to heat JUST Egg Folded

  • zero ingredients from the big 9 allergens

  • 80% less land, water, and CO2 emitted

  • 3,300+ foodservice points of distribution

Serve JUST Egg in your restaurant.

64% of diners said they’d be more likely to visit a restaurant if JUST Egg was branded on menu. We’ve got everything from brand guides, restaurant kits and a restaurant locator to help you upgrade your menu.

Sell JUST Egg like a pro.

With 48,000 retail points of distribution, JUST Egg products are a win on any shelf. Check out our products, selling decks, and marketing materials to help you up your plant-based game.

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