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Whether you’re a parent whose child still can’t decide what to have for breakfast or looking for a new, quick and easy plant-based breakfast, this recipe will be sure to satisfy all the cravings anyone in the house could have.

Enjoy the playful goodness of a plant-based waffle sandwich featuring our ready-in-6-minutes JUST Egg Folded, plant-based cream cheese and perfectly crisp waffles. If you want to take this sandwich to the next level, you can whip up your own fluffy, homemade waffles, but it will be just as delicious if you decide to heat up some frozen ones instead for maximum ease.

Go ahead and dip it in some maple syrup while you’re at it, you deserve it.

Makes 1

  • 1 JUST Egg Folded
  • 2 waffles, frozen or homemade
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons plant-based cream cheese, flavored or plain (see note)


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Make the waffles


Heat up or make your waffles, whether homemade or frozen.

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Cook the JUST Egg Folded


Heat the JUST Egg Folded in a toaster, air fryer, skillet or microwave according to the package directions.

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Assemble the sandwich


Spread one half of each waffle with plant-based cream cheese and layer the JUST Egg Folded on the bottom half. Close the sandwich and enjoy!

Note: Chive cream cheese is particularly good on these sandwiches. If using plain cream cheese, sliced strawberries are a tasty addition. Or, instead of cream cheese, try making this sandwich with plant-based butter and maple syrup.

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