JUST Egg™ Partners with NBA Star Chris Paul on Father’s Day Campaign

NBA star tells how he convinced his dad to eat a plant-based diet
Chris Paul interviewed about JUST Egg Partnership

Eat Just, Inc. today launched a Father’s Day contest inviting fans to nominate their father* to be a JUST Egg™ “Dad Ambassador” and a chance to win a year’s supply of JUST Egg. NBA star Chris Paul kicked off the contest by nominating his dad, Charles, who has been an inspiring force in Chris’s life and recently started eating more plant-based foods.

In this heartwarming video, Chris, who has been eating a plant-based diet for three years and is a new JUST Egg brand ambassador, explains how he helped his dad start to eat more plant-based foods and the positive impact the change has had on Charles’s health. "We love to eat together, which is why this plant-based lifestyle has been so important," Chris told People.com. "One of my favorites for a great, easy breakfast is a JUST Egg scramble with spinach or zucchini and onions."

“When Chris really started talking to me about eating plant-based, I didn’t think I could do it. But the more he talked to me the more I started making small changes like removing dairy,” said Charles. “I remember staying in a hotel once and I had a case of soda and a bunch of candy bars and Chris said ‘Dad, you gotta really think about your health.’ And I left the candy bars and the soda there, and I came home and started making changes.”

Like Chris and Charles, more people are trying a plant-based or flexitarian lifestyle and seeing firsthand the health and wellness benefits of foods like JUST Egg. This contest gives people a way to help their fathers explore how delicious plant-based eggs can be to start their own journey toward better health. To hear Chris talk about how he convinced his dad to incorporate more plant-based options and what effect that had on Charles’ health, check out Chris’ nomination video here, and to see more images of Chris, Charles and billboards that appeared in New York and Los Angeles, click here.

*JUST Egg embraces dads who come in all forms. Participants are invited to nominate any strong figure they love who could use some really good eggs, regardless of gender identity or familial relation.