JUST Egg™ Proclaims “When You Mess With Brunch, You Mess With Us”

Raising money and awareness for organizations fighting anti-LGBTQ+ efforts.

A bill being enacted in Tennessee will restrict drag brunches, the rights of performers and those who enjoy their shows. We see this first-in-the-country law, and other proposals like it, for what they are – thinly veiled attempts to divide people and communities, and to frame those who have the right to freely express themselves as somehow dangerous.

As a company on a mission to build a healthier, more sustainable, and more just world, this doesn’t sit well with us, and we want to help. So, we’re sponsoring upcoming drag brunches in Tennessee, while serving some really good eggs. The first brunch is in Memphis at the Atomic Rose on Sunday, April 2, a day after the new law takes effect (update: a federal judge temporarily blocked the mandate on Friday, March 31).

At each event, and nationally through our website, email list and social media channels, we’ll be raising money for the Human Rights Campaign and local organizations, like the Tennessee Equality Project, working for the equal rights of LGBTQ+ Americans. We are also matching customer tips given to drag brunch performers to show our appreciation for their craft.

“We usually stay out of politics, but when you mess with brunch, you mess with us. Our brand is committed to building a more just, more inclusive world. And we know this wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation is doing the opposite. We want to help, and we’re pretty damn good at brunching, especially for a good cause,” said Tom Rossmeissl, Head of Global Marketing for JUST Egg.

“This law sends a clear and concise message to queer Tennesseans that we are not valued here. Its chilling effects should outrage every American who believes in free speech. I appreciate JUST Egg courageously partnering with us the weekend this bigoted legislation takes effect. We need more allies to stand beside us and amplify our response: that we will not allow our liberties to be violated or stripped away,” said Bella DuBalle, Show Director and Host of Atomic Rose.

You don’t have to be in Tennessee to join us. Visit ju.st/everyone to learn how to get involved.