Putting our eggs in a new basket

We’re proud to present our more sustainable paper carton for JUST Egg.

JUST Egg makes eggs from plants because they’re better for the planet – using less water, land and CO2 than chicken eggs. But we’ve always known that putting our delicious, sustainable, plant-based eggs in a plastic bottle was far from ideal.

Last year, we promised our fans we’d move away from our plastic bottle, and now, we’re proud to present our new, more sustainable paper carton for JUST Egg.

Over the next few months, shoppers will see our paper carton steadily appearing in stores across North America, starting at Target this month. By March of 2024, we expect it to be on shelves in U.S. retail locations that carry JUST Egg. Our Canadian friends should also start to see it as early as Dec. 2023.

This new carton is 16 ounces instead of 12 ounces, which means JUST Egg fans are getting more eggs from plants, at about the same price per ounce. Into each fully-recyclable carton, we’ve poured the equivalent of 10 eggs and 50 grams of plant-based protein. It’s a win for human health, and the planet too.

This road has been longer than we expected. We investigated every packaging innovation we could find to land on the right one. In this search, our goal wasn’t just to find something more sustainable, but also to ensure our prices would stay accessible. And at the end of the day, we landed on a familiar-looking milk carton. The benefit of choosing an existing and well-known packaging option is that this type of carton is100% recyclable. For more information, consumers can check the guidelines of their local recycler, or visit www.recyclecartons.com/.

For photos of the carton, please click here.