Next Level Burger and JUST Egg™ Partner to Create the Ultimate Brunch Burger

As brunch season begins, the limited-time offering gives fans a better way to enjoy eggs

Beginning May 1, Next Level Burger, America’s first 100% plant-based burger joint chain, will introduce the Brunch Burger featuring JUST Egg™ to offer customers a delicious, sustainable meal to celebrate National Egg Month. The Brunch Burger is made with a smash patty, JUST Egg Folded and organic tempeh bacon, topped with melted American cheese, roasted garlic thyme mayo and tater tots, served on an organic white bun with organic tomato. The Brunch Burger will be available daily at all 10 Next Level Burger locations throughout the month of May, for $13.95. In addition, plant-based egg lovers can “brunch it up” at any time of day by adding JUST Egg Folded to any burger for $3 all month long.

National Egg Month can be a time to recognize that while chicken eggs are one of the most ubiquitous protein sources on earth, their production can be harmful to the environment. Americans alone consume more than 1.4 trillion eggs each year, using 93 million acres of land and 51 billion gallons of water. In contrast, JUST Egg, made from mung beans, uses 98% less water, 83% less land and 93% fewer CO2 emissions than chicken eggs. Plus, JUST Egg has six grams of plant protein, zero cholesterol and less saturated fat than a chicken egg.

Next Level Burger is committed to its mission of fighting climate change by bringing a variety of 100% plant-based options from coast to coast. Since its founding 2014, the restaurant has helped conserve enough fresh water to fill over 3,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools and kept enough carbon emissions out of the atmosphere to fill nearly 1 billion birthday balloons. Never one to shy away from a challenge, co-founder and CEO Matt de Gruyter knew National Egg Month was the perfect time for an irreverent, planet-saving take on the “holiday”.

“At NLB, we believe that the future is bright, but it’s up to all of us to make an impact,” said de Gruyter. “We’re on a mission to bring more healthful, climate-friendly plant-based options to the people so they can more easily make delicious choices that align with their values. Whether it’s a whole-foods based quinoa and mushroom patty or a meat or egg substitute made to mimic animal products, we’re here to bring only the best quality and flavors to our fans. Our new Brunch Burger with JUST Egg packs in the flavor of the fan-favorite meal with impressive sustainability stats!”

“Next Level Burger is an exciting new partner for JUST Egg. It makes complete sense for our two like-minded brands to team up and work toward changing the way people eat to benefit the planet. Like JUST Egg, NLB has proven that eating plant-based can be delicious, indulgent and satisfying, and we can’t wait to see all the ways their customers enjoy plant-based eggs this month,” said Kevin Thorne, Director of Foodservice Partnerships for JUST Egg.

Next Level Burger has locations in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Austin, Denver, Brooklyn, Lake Oswego, Ore., and Concord, Calif. For photos of the Brunch Burger, click here.