JUST Mayo and JUST Ranch Make Long-Awaited Return

Popular plant-based condiments return to Whole Foods Market following overwhelming consumer demand

Today, Eat Just announced the re-launch of its popular plant-based mayo and dressings products, after a nearly four-year hiatus. Beginning this week, shoppers will find two flavors of JUST Mayo and two flavors of JUST Ranch in the refrigerated aisle of Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. Additional retailers will begin to stock the products in refrigerated and shelf-stable formats in March.

JUST Mayo was originally introduced in 2013 and quickly grew to dominate the plant-based mayo category. A line of dressings soon followed. Celebrity chefs and food writers called JUST Mayo “delicious”, “a textural wonder”, and “a must-have brand”. Despite this critical acclaim, strong sales and a passionate – some might even say cult-like – following, the company decided in 2020 to focus on growing its newer plant-based egg business and step away from mayo and dressings. The protests and pleas from fans began immediately, and have been coming in ever since.

“We knew consumers loved these products. We did too. It was hard to pull them, as we focused on JUST Egg. But what really surprised us was that the enthusiasm never waned. Not three weeks later. Or three months later. Or three years later,” said Tom Rossmeissl, Head of Global Marketing for Eat Just. “The social media comments, emails, and letters continue to pour in. We’d be fools not to address this demand. It will only help us build a more sustainable business and accelerate achieving our mission.”

Matt Riley, Chief Revenue Officer for Eat Just, also weighed in. “Our retail and food service customers also kept asking about JUST Mayo and JUST Ranch. They know there’s just nothing comparable in the market. We’re thrilled to bring them back.”

From its founding in 2011, Eat Just’s team of culinary experts have pioneered animal-free versions of some of the most ubiquitous foods in the American diet, with the goal of reducing harm to humans, animals, and the planet. Those earnest goals and delicious products have earned millions of loyal fans but have also provoked a response from players in the conventional food industry. In 2014, Unilever, maker of Hellman’s® Mayonnaise, sued Eat Just (formerly known as Hampton Creek) on the grounds that the term ‘mayo’ implied the use of eggs. After a wave of criticism from media and consumers, Unilever quickly withdrew the suit and apologized to Eat Just, saying in a statement that they applauded the company’s “commitment to innovation and its inspired corporate purpose.” Challenges, doubts, and unforeseen hurdles have not stopped Eat Just from continuing to drive innovation in plant-based foods to give consumers better choices and more ways to change the food system for the better every time they sit down to a meal.

With this announcement, Eat Just hopes to assuage the big feelings about its mayo and dressings that are revisited in the comments of nearly every @JUSTEgg social post over the last four years. In an attempt to apologize for the long wait and thank fans for their patience, the brand will offer coupons, recipes, mayo-based holiday surprises and more via its Instagram account in the coming weeks and months. Each glass jar of original or chipotle mayo and ranch or chipotle ranch dressing will retail for $6.99.

Images of JUST Mayo and JUST Ranch can be found at the links below.

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