Q+A with DeAndre Jordan

This NBA All-Star doesn’t just throw down on the basketball court – he throws down in the kitchen too.
DeAndre Jordan, known for his tenacity on the court and charming wit off the court, is in his 15th season in the NBA as Center for the Denver Nuggets with the same eager level of competitiveness and sportsmanship he has displayed throughout his career. A Native of Houston Texas, Jordan attended Texas A&M University. Selected 35th overall by the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2008 NBA Draft where he played 10 seasons. His list of accomplishments include All-NBA honors three times, All-Defensive honors two times, and one Olympic gold medal. DeAndre Jordan received the NBA Cares Community Assist Award for December 2019.

DeAndre’s morning routine: meditation and a good, fluffy omelette.

How long have you been plant-based? As a professional athlete, why did you decide to eat this way and how has it affected your performance?

I started my journey to becoming plant-based six years ago. I initially gave up red meat and chicken for a few months then came fish and other meat products and then, finally, I moved to an all plant-based diet. Becoming plant-based was a positive change for me mentally and physically.

Why do you like JUST Egg?

My chef introduced JUST Egg to me. She’s always looking for ways to diversify by morning routine, and JUST Egg was the perfect plant-based addition. JUST Egg is so easy to cook. It tastes amazing, and I don't miss chicken eggs. In fact, JUST Egg tastes even better. Really JUST Egg is a great option for anyone, including athletes who want to add variety to their diets. Obviously, JUST Egg’s healthier for you and has similar amounts of protein as a chicken egg.

What’s your favorite dish or recipe to make with JUST Egg?

I eat JUST Egg at home and on the road whenever I can. I love a good fluffy omelette stuffed with spinach, cheese and veggie sausage. I also saw the JUST Egg frittata recipe online and made it at home. It was amazing.

What does your weekly workout routine look like?

I start with meditation in the morning before I get my day started. Most days during the NBA season, I go into the practice facility and lift weights before we start running through plays for an upcoming game. In between games, I’ll do some cardio work on the bike or treadmill. And in the off season, I’ll do a combination of biking, hiking and on the court training. I also like to do home workouts with my family.

What’s the single best piece of training advice or motivation you can give?

Push yourself to become the best person you can be. Everyone has different levels of athletic ability. Once you see results, it inspires you to keep going.

If you could have breakfast with any three people (dead or alive) who would they be and why? What would you serve?

  1. Deepak Chopra – I really admire his wisdom and views.

  2. My grandparents – I’m an extension of them and they had such a big influence on my life.

  3. My son Jaden is my motivation. He’s 5 years old now, and we talk all day. It’s great to hear about his little day at school and answer all his questions.