Look who’s back

Sandwiches and salads of the world, rejoice. JUST Mayo and JUST Ranch are back.

Even better than you remember

We know, we know. Your dipping, dunking, sandwich-stacking game has been off. You’ve tried the knock-offs. You’ve fried your blender trying to remake our luscious condiments yourself. But nothing else has quite had the creaminess and classic flavor to make your potato salad pop and your carrot sticks sing.

Well your plant-based cult favorites JUST Mayo and JUST Ranch are back. And they’re everything you remember: Plant-based, soy-free, cholesterol-free and just really damn good.

Now we’re sure you’ve got a lot of burning questions for us, so let’s dive in.

Where can I find JUST Mayo and JUST Ranch?

They’re launching this month at Whole Foods Market in the U.S., with more retailers to follow. Look for them in the refrigerated section.

Is it the exact same delicious mayo and ranch that haunts my dreams?

They’re everything you remember and more. The only major difference is that all our mayos and dressings now come in glass jars, instead of the lame plastic bottles you might remember.

Why the hell did you discontinue them in the first place?

Great question! Let us tell you a little story...

Back in the day, our mayos and dressings were sold in tens of thousands of retailers and received nearly universal acclaim. Celebrity chefs and food writers called JUST Mayo “delicious”, “a textural wonder”, and “a must-have brand.” Fans wrote us snail mail describing in lurid detail their love for our ranch.

With all that runaway success we decided to... discontinue them. Weird, we know. But to achieve our mission we knew we had to crack the code on making really good eggs from plants and taking JUST Egg mainstream. We threw all our energy into it, and that meant we had to pull the plug on our beloved condiments.

Although years have passed, the letters, emails and comments begging us to bring back JUST Mayo and JUST Ranch haven’t stopped. So, it was time. Our mission is to build a better food system, and that includes making condiments that are better for animals and the planet too. Yes, your sandwiches and salads deserve something better.

A new era of “eat your vegetables”