U.S. Soccer Stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger Join JUST Egg™ as Ambassadors

Star athletes cite athletic performance and sustainability as key factors in decision to partner with the brand.
Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris eat a JUST Egg frittata.

Eat Just, Inc. today announced the addition of global soccer stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger to the roster of celebrity athlete ambassadors for JUST Egg™. The pair kicks off their partnership with the brand today with an exciting giveaway in which fans of JUST Egg will have the opportunity to win the ultimate wellness kit curated by Harris and Krieger.

As professional athletes who are members of the United States Women’s National Team and Gotham FC, Harris and Krieger pay close attention to how food affects their performance, and as mothers to their daughter Sloane, they also care deeply about the food they share as a family. This partnership began with the genuine love the family has for JUST Egg and grew as Harris and Krieger realized how closely JUST Egg’s values around human and planetary health align with their own.

“Being a professional athlete, I have to treat my body extremely well. If I’m nice to my body, it’ll be good for my career, so I fuel my body with really good food like JUST Egg,” Harris said. “The taste is first and foremost for me, and my child loves it too! For me it’s so important that this product aligns with my values around animals and the planet too, it’s another piece of what makes this partnership so genuine.”

Added Krieger, “JUST Egg is a perfect fit for our family because it gives us easy, healthy meal options that fit our active, on-the-go lifestyle. I love a good breakfast sandwich and JUST Egg Folded is perfect for that. And when we do have more time at home, we often make a yummy breakfast scramble to enjoy together. It’s the best of both worlds for our family.”

The giveaway, which launches today on Instagram (@JUSTEgg), will reward one lucky winner with the ultimate Ashlyn & Ali wellness kit with their unique tips, tricks, workout routines and weekly breakfast recipes (including some delicious JUST Egg products, of course) to keep them in peak performance. The package will also include signed jerseys, a Caraway pan and a gym bag.

Over the last two years, as plant-based eggs have surged in popularity among consumers, JUST Egg has added some impressive names to its list of celebrity partners and investors. From Serena Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal to Chris Paul, Lindsey Vonn, and Cade Cunningham, the brand has attracted strong interest from people at the top of their game in sports and culture. With zero cholesterol and packed with clean, sustainable protein, JUST Egg offers a delicious option for anyone looking to up their wellness game, from high-performance celebrities to everyday people looking for a great breakfast.

Like so many people today, Harris and Krieger were also motivated to work with JUST Egg because of the product’s impacts on the planet. Compared to a conventional egg, JUST Egg uses 83% less land, 93% fewer carbon emissions, and 98% less water. Like so many parents, the women are motivated to make the world a better place for their daughter and eating plant-based eggs is one small step they can feel good about taking every day.

For images of Harris, Krieger and Sloane enjoying JUST Egg at home together, click here.