JUST Egg Celebrates
Half a Billion Eggs Sold
Since 2019 Launch

As the Leader of the Category It Created, JUST Egg Continues to Demonstrate That a Delicious Product Can Have a Massive Impact on Human and Planetary Health

Today, JUST Egg marks an historic milestone: since its debut in 2019, the brand has sold the equivalent of more than 500 million chicken eggs. Making eggs from plants was an entirely new concept when JUST Egg embarked on its mission to reimagine the world’s most consumed animal protein, and today, the brand leads the category it created, owning more than 99% of the plant-based egg market and remaining one of the fastest-growing egg brands in the country.

By making its eggs from plants, JUST Egg has prevented 87 million kg of CO2e from entering the atmosphere, saved 18.3 billion gallons of water, and prevented 26,900 acres of land from being farmed for soy and corn to feed chickens. These numbers demonstrate not only the significant environmental impact of chicken eggs, but also the unique efficiency of JUST Egg’s functional ingredient, the mung bean. According to a 2023 report by The Good Food Institute, the allergen- and cholesterol-free mung bean is an underutilized crop with massive untapped potential for the alternative protein industry. JUST Egg is one of the few companies in the world working to harness its potential.

“We started with a hope that one of the many tens of thousands of plants in nature would be able to scramble like an egg. And a team made up of scientists, engineers and chefs from across the world turned that hope into the one of the most innovative and impactful products in the market,” said Josh Tetrick, CEO and co-founder of JUST Egg, on the company’s journey to this milestone. “We’re 500 million steps closer to a more sustainable food system, but we've got a long way to go.”

On the road to this latest milestone, JUST Egg has reached millions of consumers with the help of crucial retail and foodservice partners. Today JUST Egg can be found in more than 48,000 grocery stores, and more than 3,300 restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops in the United States and Canada. Most recently, JUST Egg Folded, a toaster-ready version of JUST Egg perfect for breakfast sandwiches and more, was introduced at all 400+ Sprouts Farmers Market locations nationwide, and JUST Egg Pourable has recently completed its long-anticipated transition to a more sustainable paper carton which was announced last November.

While JUST Egg looks ahead to one day reaching 1 billion eggs sold, the company is also aiming to delight consumers with new product rollouts in the more immediate future, including the recent launch of JUST Mayo and JUST Ranch, the beloved plant-based condiments that have returned to store shelves after a four-year hiatus. More new products are in the pipeline for 2024 and beyond, each of which will help the company grow its impact and further its mission to build a healthier, safer and more sustainable food system.