Q+A with Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris

The biggest power couple in sports is now the biggest power couple in breakfast.
Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris are one of the sports world’s biggest power couples. Both are members of the United States Women’s National Team and also play on the Gotham FC team. Harris made her debut in 2013 with the national team and both Harris and Krieger played on the championship-winning 2015 and 2019 FIFA World Cup women’s teams. Krieger also played on the 2016 Olympic team, which placed fifth overall. In 2019, the two wed. They now live in New Jersey with their dogs, Logan and Storm, and their children, Sloane and Ocean.

Ali and Ashlyn talk fitness, nutrition and JUST Egg omelettes.

Mauricio Gonzalez / Gotham FC

What’s your approach to food? Are you an omnivore, vegetarian, totally plant-based or somewhere in between?

Ashlyn Harris: Being a professional athlete, my body is a temple; my body is an engine. It’s something I have to treat extremely well. If I’m nice to my body, it’ll be good for my career.

I’m 36 and still breaking records and doing my job at what I feel is a very high level, and I credit that to what I do off the field. I have to eat right and fuel my body with really good food. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% vegan. I’m absolutely 80/20 at this point. I still eat fish and sometimes chicken, but I’m not a big red meat eater. I don’t have that as part of my diet. It’s very simple meats and it’s only about twice a week. I like the feeling of eating clean. It’s the primary reason I love JUST Egg. It’s clean, healthy and, most of all, delicious. Moreover, my family enjoys how JUST Egg tastes, too, so that’s an easy win.

Ali Krieger: I consider myself a flexitarian and go for a vegetarian diet but occasionally eat meat and fish. I feel like I’m 80/20 flexitarian. I haven’t really been a huge fan of meat since I was really young, but often throughout my career I felt like I needed to eat certain proteins in order for me to play my best on the field, get proper nutrients and, therefore, made a few meat exceptions.

What are some foods you always make sure to have in your fridge or pantry?

Ashlyn Harris: To fuel for training, I have to have something carb-based because it’s for my energy and I don’t want to get injured. I usually have all types of fruits, veggies and my usual omelette with JUST Egg. A really balanced diet is important. I try not to neglect things. I eat to perform not just to eat. Sometimes it’s difficult in the morning to prepare this massive breakfast and go out and perform. So sometimes it’s a protein shake and the basic needs to energize me for that day’s training.

Ali Krieger: I always have colorful foods on hand!

You’re in need of a snack, ASAP. What’s your go-to snack?

Ashlyn Harris: Blackberries. I know that’s so weird, but I eat packages and packages of blackberries. I know that’s not even a snack, but I just love them so much.

Ali Krieger: From the Ground Up Cauliflower Stalks and sea salt- or cheese-flavored pretzel rods.

What’s the single best piece of training advice you can give?

Ashlyn Harris: Based on how I perform and I feel is how I fuel. Eating the right foods at the right time is completely key to overall mental health and physical health.

Everyone’s body functions differently and you have to really explore that. I carb-load at the beginning of the day so I can burn that as I move through my day. I don’t like to eat carbs later in the day; it hurts my sleep, slows me down.

It’s this chain of everything functions off each other. I actually fast a bit more in the first few hours of the morning. I have a very particular window in the morning when I eat. I don’t like to eat after 6 to 6:30 p.m., so I’m hydrating and those types of things.

Ali Krieger: Listen to your body and take at least one mental day off for you to recharge each week no matter how hyped you are about exercising. If you don’t take care of you and make yourself a priority, you’ll quickly burn out and lose motivation.

Also, less is more. As I’ve gotten older, I try to lift less weight but more reps.

Katie Cahalin / Gotham FC

Why do you like JUST Egg?

Ashlyn Harris: First and foremost, because it tastes really good. With my family, we’re very particular who we partner with. We’re trying to change the narrative and change the game and we’re trying to pick companies who are doing right by their customers, doing right by the planet. We align really well with JUST Egg because it’s trying to do the same thing. It’s important we do our part while we’re here. I want this planet to be here for my children and my children’s children should they choose to have them. Those things matter to our family.

Ali Krieger: JUST Egg is a perfect fit for our family because we can create healthy options that fit our fast pace and very active, on-the-go lifestyle. It’s quick and easy for our busy mornings. Although, when we do have time together, JUST Egg allows us to cook and eat delicious foods together. It’s the best of both worlds for our family!

Ali and Ashlyn’s signature JUST Egg frittata

What’s your favorite dish or recipe to make with JUST Egg?

Ashlyn Harris: Honestly, I’m a pretty Plain Jane kind of girl. I like scrambling some eggs with onions and seasonings. If it’s a day off and I have time, I’ll definitely make an omelette with veggies. Especially with our daughter, Sloane, she loves them just plain, very simple. She picks it up and just slams it.

Ali Krieger: I love any kind of breakfast sandwich or scramble, so I really enjoy an easy JUST Egg Folded egg and cheese sandwich with avocado or a breakfast scramble with plant-based sausage, peppers, spinach, sweet potatoes, cheese and onions.

Mauricio Gonzalez / Gotham FC