Brunch 101

Whether it’s Easter, Mother’s Day or just a Sunday with a few friends, here’s few tips from our resident brunch aficionados for throwing a great brunch get-together. 

Fool-proof brunch tips, from us to you.

  1. Serve buffet style. This way you can spend less time serving and more time chatting with your friends and fam. Because that’s the whole reason you finally panic-cleaned your apartment so you could host a spring brunch, right? 

  2. Have a savory and a sweet option. If you’re doing a breakfast taco bar, make a loaf of banana bread as well. 

  3. Have options that are plant-based and gluten-free so that everyone can enjoy. This frittata recipe is a great go-to for a range of dietary preferences. 

  4.  Make French toast, not pancakes. Those pancakes are going to turn into cold, mushy disks of sadness while you’re waiting for your brunch guests to show up fashionably late. French toast is easier to make in big batches and will hold up nicely in a warm oven. 

  5.  Enjoy the moment. Choose dishes you can make ahead of time, like frittata bites or a strata, so when brunch hour arrives you can put away your phone and simply enjoy some really good eggs with really good company.

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