The JUST Egg Bus


Gear up, Los Angeles.

Really good eggs now have really good wheels.

Yep, we’ve got our own awesome little food truck now with the help of Las Maris called The JUST Egg Bus, bringing the deliciousness of plant-based eggs right to you.

If you see our big yellow bus on a corner near you, pull over for spicy breakfast tacos with homemade red and green salsa, a breakfast wrap with garlic aioli or an open-faced English muffin, all made from plants.

The best part? Everything on our truck is free. Put your money away. You’ll need your hands to hold all these eggs anyway.

See you on the road.

Where can I find the JUST Egg Bus?

Make sure you follow us on Twitter to get updates on our weekly location! Check for the hashtag #justeggbus or check our Instagram story highlights.

Tell us where to go next. Greater LA area only.

No promises, but if our schedule allows, we’d love to bring our really good eggs to the place of your choosing. Your school? Your office? Your backyard? Let us know and we’ll try and make it happen.

Did we just make breakfast unskippable?

Keep me updated.


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