Winner, winner, eggs for dinner.

Six recipes you can make for a healthy dinner on a busy night.

Life gets crazy sometimes.

There’s soccer practice, work deadlines, swim practice and those ongoing home projects that never seem to end. Somehow, in between all that, we’re also supposed to concoct some elaborate and healthy dinner for our families each night? Whew.

While we can’t help with getting to and from swim practice, we can certainly help get dinner on the table.

These six recipes using JUST Egg Folded are a cinch to make when you don’t have a ton of time to spare. From hearty quinoa bowls to spicy Pad Thai, you really can’t go wrong here. Did we mention you can cook JUST Egg in the toaster? Yeah, let’s see chicken eggs do that.

Plus, with seven grams of protein per serving, JUST Egg Folded has more protein than a chicken egg.

So, really, the only question left is: fried rice or stuffed sweet potatoes?

The key ingredient.


Stock up on JUST Egg Folded and start making your eggs in the toaster.

Your egg game is about to improve.


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