Finally, eggs without eggs.

A woman with an egg allergy tastes an omelette for the first time.
A woman in a pink shirt pauses between bites of JUST Egg on a plate with some tomatoes.

Can you imagine a life without eggs?

Chung-Melino can now top her ramen noodles with JUST Egg Folded.

Throughout her life, Avery Chung-Melino would ask her loved ones to describe what it was like to eat eggs.

Tell me about the texture, the taste, the satisfaction of a perfectly cooked egg sandwich, she would say.

Chung-Melino, who has had a lifelong egg allergy, had never wrapped her favorite vegetables in a pillowy omelette. She had never tasted eggs in her Chinese family’s favorite foods like mooncakes and stir-fried egg noodles.

That was the way of the world until the day where Chung-Melino and her boyfriend went to a San Francisco café for brunch.

There on the menu, she saw something she never thought she’d see.

It was an egg-free, plant-based JUST Egg omelette. “I genuinely had no idea what it would be like,” she said.

An omelette is a uniquely delicious dish, as most of us know. A pan of soon-to-be-scrambled eggs puffs perfectly to wrap melted cheese and vegetables in a light and fluffy flavor-packed fold-over – the star of any breakfast plate.

“I had no idea how cheese and egg would taste together,” Chung-Melino said. “I know what cheese is like, but there’s a whole other thing when it’s melted inside an omelette and it’s gooey.”

For years, Chung-Melino experimented with egg allergy alternatives, finding some success in baking. But the savory experience of a cooked egg eluded her.

This first omelette upended more than 20 years of egg-free living.

“Before I knew about JUST Egg, I knew about other egg substitutes,” Chung-Melino said. “But it was sort of a weird experience. Anything that was a powder and you have to add water, it just feels different. It’s not quite the same experience.”

Now, Chung-Melino regularly stocks her refrigerator with one to two bottles of JUST Egg. She and her boyfriend use it to make previously unthinkable dishes like lemon cookies (her favorite), ramen noodles with JUST Egg Folded and the simple yet delicious avocado toast with scrambled eggs on top.

For Chung-Melino, JUST Egg has been revolutionary.

“I’m very happy. I literally never thought I would have anything close to the equivalent of an egg,” she says.

Then she pauses, thinks aloud about another one of her allergies and continues. “Now, I’m just waiting on that sushi substitute.”

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