Q+A with Jrue Holiday

Holiday tells us his dream breakfast party guest list and why JUST Egg is a slam dunk in his kitchen.
Jrue Holiday is a starting point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks. He’s a four-time National Basketball Association All-Defensive Team member, helped the Bucks win the team’s second NBA championship in 2021 and led the United States to its gold-medal winning victory in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

A slam dunk in the kitchen

What’s your approach to food? Are you an omnivore, vegetarian, totally plant-based or somewhere in between?

Jrue: I’m definitely somewhere in between. There are different times – or even different times of a season – where I want to try new things. In the off season, I’m mostly a vegetarian. I still do my best to eat mostly plant-based even when I’m not vegetarian, especially because I have kids and they have dietary needs.

I’ve been a flexitarian now for about three years. I started doing it right before I got traded to Milwaukee, then we went to the playoffs and won the championship. I was at the top of my game during that time, so I stuck with it.

What makes JUST Egg a staple in your kitchen?

Jrue: Well, there are a couple things: My kids have some dietary restrictions. My son, Hendrix, is 3 and can’t have eggs or milk, so it’s a great alternative for him. At the same time, there’s been a lot of different research along with my own process of figuring out what’s right for me, personally. Eating JUST Egg has helped me wake up and perform at the highest level. It’s been a great addition to my mornings.

What are your favorite recipes or dishes to make with JUST Egg?

Jrue: I’m a breakfast guy. I can eat breakfast for all three meals. I especially love breakfast sandwiches. They were big in my family growing up, and they’re big in my family now.

I grew up loving eggs, especially how my dad made them. Now I want to do the same thing for my kids. I love making JUST Egg for my daughter, Jrue Tyler, before she goes to school. But, really, anything like avocado toast, we throw some JUST Egg on top.

Thinking about it now, maybe I’m a breakfast person because that’s the only thing I’m good at cooking. (Laughs)

Why does JUST Egg work for a professional athlete like you?

Jrue: For athletes, it’s all about performance, all about feeling your best, about what you lay out on the court. And with your diet, JUST Egg helps you be the best. For me, as someone who has won the NBA championship and an Olympic gold medal, to be able to play 48 minutes plus overtime is key. On top of that, I have kids, and they’re like battery packs. They go all day, run circles around you. I need to be able to keep up with them, too.

Jrue Holiday’s favorite JUST Egg breakfast sandwich is a sweet and savory slam dunk with hot honey, cream cheese and fresh arugula.

What’s the single best piece of work-out or training advice you can give? How do you stay motivated to work out?

Jrue: Be consistent. The first day, getting to the gym is one of the hardest parts. Truly, actually getting to the gym, putting in the work, actually being consistent, that’s half the battle.

For me, when I get stagnant, there might be days where I just lay around, and those are the days where I feel the stiffest. Even if it’s just walking out of my house for a half mile, getting some fresh air, running around with my kids or getting on the treadmill, being consistent is the most important thing. When I work out, I feel better and am in a better place.

If you could have breakfast with any three people (dead or alive) who would they be and why?

  1. Michael Jackson. I grew up listening to his music. It changed people’s perspective and - even to this day - his music still touches people. Having him there would be awesome for me.

  2. Serena Williams. I never grew up playing tennis, but I remember watching her. It would be cool to sit down and talk with her about her sport, how she went through it and being the best for so long, being able to withstand that pressure, having a kid and then bouncing back.

  3. Notorious B.I.G. Even though I’m from L.A., I’m a big fan of Biggie. I’d love to dive deep into his brain and experience, lyrically, how he comes up with his schemes. His word play is one of my favorites.

What would you serve?

Jrue: Well, Biggie seems like a big sandwich guy. I’d probably throw it on an English muffin or on toast with lots of eggs and some cheese. Serena feels like she takes a little bit better care of her body, so maybe for her I’d make some avocado toast with chili flakes and a little egg on there. Michael Jackson seems pretty petite. Maybe for him, we’d have eggs with a little bit of seasoning and some tomatoes.

What’s the most delicious JUST Egg dish you’ve eaten (either at home or in a restaurant)?

Jrue: There’s this food truck my foundation works with, Compton Vegan, and it named a sandwich for me called the Breakfast of Champs. It has JUST Egg, plant-based bacon, plant-based cheese and strawberry jelly. It was fire.

Jrue’s "Breakfast of Champs" at Compton Vegan