Eggs are better with friends.


It’s officially brunch season.

Yeah, you’ve been slumbering, sleep walking, losing that “social fitness.”

Those Saturday night plans have been slipping into Netflix binges instead. Your phone has turned into an AI chatbot of “Let’s catch up soon!” texts. Instead of some small talk around the water cooler, you’re staring blankly at that reverse osmosis water purification system you discovered on Instagram. 

Well you know what? It’s time to snap out of it. Spring has sprung. 

Shake off your winter slumber and get out there. Reconnect with old friends, or make some new ones. Turn off your phone and go do something IRL. Wake up and smell that fresh spring air (and the aroma of delicious plant-based eggs).  

This is your sign to get off your couch and call up your besties for pancakes and mimosas. Or make a frittata for your mom. Or, once that spring sunshine peeks out, plan a brunch picnic in the park.

Brunch with JUST Egg Folded? We got you.


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