Breakfast is in hand.

JUST Egg Breakfast Burritos are here, and they’re unlike any frozen burrito you’ve ever had.

Finally, a frozen breakfast burrito that doesn’t suck.

If you think of frozen burritos as mushy and disappointing, well, you’re not wrong, but our breakfast burritos are here to change that.

Our plant-based JUST Egg™️ Breakfast Burritos are filled and wrapped by hand to make the premium ingredients shine. We’re talking fluffy bites of JUST Egg, nutritious vegetables and chef-crafted seasonings – all wrapped up and ready to hit your plate in under 3 minutes.

But it gets better: each burrito packs 10+ grams of plant-based protein while being completely cholesterol and dairy-free. And we’ve got multiple flavors to spice up that morning routine. Go for our spicy Southwest breakfast burrito with rice, beans, poblano peppers and smoky chipotle sauce. Or our veggie-packed Skillet breakfast burrito with roasted potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and dill.

You’ll find JUST Egg™️ Breakfast Burritos first in the frozen aisle at GIANT stores in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia starting this week. Then get ready for a nationwide Whole Foods Market rollout in July 2024.

TLDR: You’re busy. We now sell frozen breakfast burritos. Breakfast solved.

Rise and roll