The Best Egg Wash Substitute

The easiest way to add color and shine to your pastries and pies.

We know the best eggs come from plants, but how about the best egg wash?

Yep, that comes from plants, too.

While you might know JUST Egg for making fluffy omelettes, delicious French toast and spicy little frittatas, it’s also the best vegan substitute for that final brush of egg wash on top to give baked goods and puff pastry that extra shine and color.

The best part about it? It’s an easy substitute. For one chicken egg’s worth of egg wash, just mix two tablespoons of JUST Egg with two tablespoons of water and start brushing that beautiful pastry of yours. There’s no wasting an entire egg for a tiny amount of egg wash. Just use what you need then pop your container of JUST Egg back in the fridge. You’ll need the rest of it to make perfectly crispy latkes, Christmas cookies and all the rest of your holiday hits.

As always, JUST Egg is egg-free and gluten-free, with no soy ingredients, which makes it a perfect allergy-friendly tool in the kitchen for visiting family and friends with different dietary needs.

There are a ton of vegan substitutes for egg wash, but we find JUST Egg works best, and we hear this from our baker friends as well. Other plant-based substitutes for egg wash include maple syrup, flaxseed, nondairy milks like rice milk and almond milk, molasses, aquafaba and various blends with olive oil or vegetable oil.

But do yourself a favor this holiday season and brush that pie with some JUST Egg. You’ll see why it’s the best vegan egg wash substitute.

JUST EggMakes baked goods glossy and golden-brown. If the JUST Egg seems too thick, thin with water in a 1:1 ratio.
Nondairy milk Not as glossy
Maple syrup or honeyBrowns too quickly and gets sticky after cooling
Maple syrup + milkGets sticky after cooling
Olive oil or vegetable oilNot as glossy and can make your dish oily
MolassesBrowns too quickly and has too strong of a flavor
AquafabaToo light and thin to make a glossy coating
Ground flaxseed + waterDoesn’t produce nice browning and has a speckled appearance