Leave no trace.

Sustainable camping tips for this summer’s outdoor adventures

Our favorite camping recipes

If you love camping but you also love a hot, hearty breakfast, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re cooking on a portable stove or over a campfire, here are a few great ways to use JUST Egg to make your next camping trip menu plant-based, planet-friendly and more delicious. Throw a bottle of JUST Egg in that cooler and get ready to be the talk of the campground, chef.

Pie iron breakfast sandwiches

Use a pudgy pie iron to make the perfect egg patty for a campfire breakfast sandwich. If you don’t already have a pie iron, they’re great fun to have for campfire cooking, for making pressed sandwiches, pizza pockets and more.

Breakfast tacos

If someone in the crew doesn’t want tacos, they better get their own campsite. Tacos are the best. There’s nothing easier or tastier to feed a big group of hungry adventurers.

Egg, sausage and potato foil packets

Toss some potatoes, sausage and JUST Egg in a foil bundle over the fire for a no fuss, no mess (no dish!) scramble. Swap in any ingredients – the possibilities are endless.

More tips

Cooking up a more sustainable breakfast with plant-based eggs is a nice start to do right by Mother Earth, here are a few more meal-related tips for the next time you’re in the great outdoors.

Ask yourself – do you really need a fire? We love hanging by a campfire in the summer, but wood fires can be damaging and wasteful, as well as produce a small but not insignificant source of air pollution. If you have a great little camp stove, consider cooking with that, skipping the fire and just enjoying the trees.

It’s a campfire, not a trashfire. Never throw plastic or foil items into your campground fire; pack them out or throw them away.

Don’t feed JUST Egg to the critters. Or any human food, for that matter. We love all our furry friends out there but human food can harm their health and habits, so store and dispose of your food properly.

Washing the dishes. Use the dedicated campground facilities or a bucket system with unscented biodegradable soap for washing dishes so that you don’t pollute nearby water systems or muck up the campsite for others.

Eggs on the go