Putting our eggs in a new basket

We’re proud to present our more sustainable paper carton for JUST Egg.

We make eggs from plants because they’re better for the planet – using less water, land and CO2 than chicken eggs. But then to put those delicious, sustainable, plant-based eggs in a plastic bottle? Yeah, that’s a problem.

Last year, we promised you we’d ditch the plastic, and now, we’re proud to present our new, more sustainable paper carton for JUST Egg.

Over the next few months, you’ll see our paper carton steadily appearing in stores across North America. Some of you might already see it at your local egg aisle. This beautiful new carton is 16 ounces instead of the old 12 ounces, which means everyone’s getting more eggs from plants. In each fully-recyclable carton, you’re now getting the equivalent of 10 eggs and 50 grams of plant-based protein. It’s a win for you, and the planet too.

This road has been longer than we expected. We investigated every packaging innovation we could find – glass, aluminum and even recycled carbon fiber-reinforced titanium alloy. That last one was $$$. In this search, our goal wasn’t just to find something more sustainable, but also to ensure our prices would stay accessible. So, after all that, we landed on…

...a milk carton.

Yep, just a milk carton. Our Silicon Valley-based, norm-busting, food tech company turned to a 1915 invention by a guy from Toledo, Ohio. Back then, he called it a “paper bottle.” Now we’re calling it a more sustainable home for our really good eggs.

Our new cartons are 100% recyclable, but make sure you check the guidelines of your local recycler. More info here: www.recyclecartons.com/

We want you to know we’re not stopping here. We’re on a mission to help build a better, more sustainable global food system. Sometimes the solutions seem complex, and sometimes they’re pretty simple – like a milk carton.

Thank you for supporting us and holding us accountable in this journey.

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