Festive frittatas

We reimagined our favorite classic holiday dishes as frittatas and quiches, so you can enjoy some really good eggs at any holiday gathering.

The only things we love more than the holidays are eggs. So, we took our favorite holiday dishes, like stuffing and green bean casserole, and reimagined them as frittatas and quiches made with our plant-based JUST Egg. In doing so, these indulgent holiday dishes are transformed into healthier, protein-rich dishes that you can serve as a centerpiece at any of your holiday gatherings.

Basically, we made a proper meal out of latkes. And if all you ever want to eat at the holiday gathering is buttery, carby stuffing, we’ve got a frittata for you.

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Holiday stuffing frittata


All the classic flavors of stuffing, but with less bread and more really good eggs. This frittata includes onion, celery, thyme, sage and parsley, plus crispy bread cubes on top.

Spiced sweet potato quiche


You could drown your mashed yams in sticky marshmallows, or you could make this savory and, spicy quiche.

Green bean casserole frittata


Instead of dredging your green beans in some weird mushroom soup, try baking fresh green beans and cremini mushrooms right into a healthier frittata and top it with plenty of crispy fried onions.

Latke-crusted quiche


As delicious as they are, it’s not generally recommended to eat a whole plate of hot, crispy latkes for dinner. So, we reimagined the beloved potato fritters as a unique and delicious crust for a JUST Egg quiche.

Brussels sprout and mushroom bacon quiche


Turn your favorite side dish of roasted Brussels sprouts into the main event with this umami-bomb of a JUST Egg quiche.