15 best hacks with
JUST Egg Folded

Our all-time favorite ways to use JUST Egg Folded to make mornings easier and tastier.
For those mornings when you’re rushing to put breakfast on the table for your kids or for when that cup of coffee hasn’t yet kicked in, JUST Egg Folded makes breakfast practically unskippable.

Protein-packed avocado toast

Never have your avocado toast without popping a fluffy JUST Egg Folded on top. It adds 6 grams of quality plant-based protein to make a meal that will fuel you through your day.

Toaster tortilla hack

Save yourself the dishes and use your toaster to make a craveable, crunchy breakfast wrap from start to finish.

Air fryer eggs

One of the best things about JUST Egg Folded is that you can toss it in the air fryer to make yourself a fried egg or egg patty for your breakfast. Heat JUST Egg Folded in the air fryer at 400°F for about 8 to 10 minutes, flipping halfway through.

The best microwave eggs

Making eggs in the microwave is controversial, we know, but what if we told you that our eggs are actually really good when you make them in the microwave? It takes only 1:15 and gives you a perfect fluffy egg every time.

Single skillet breakfast sandwich

One skillet, one incredible breakfast sandwich. Cook smarter (not harder) by heating your bread, JUST Egg Folded and plant-based breakfast sausage all together in one skillet.

Upside-down breakfast pastries

This viral trick with puff pastry is even better with the addition of plant-based protein from JUST Egg Folded.

Sheet pan breakfasts

Chop up JUST Egg Folded into bite-sized cubes and throw it on a sheet pan in the oven with your favorite vegetables for an easy plant-based breakfast or nutritious dinner. We highly recommended pairing it with tater tots and broccoli.

Breakfast kabobs

Fun to make and fun to eat. Try making savory ones with tater tots and plant-based sausage, or sweet ones with waffles and berries.

Waffle breakfast sandwiches

If you’ve got a box of frozen waffles sitting next to the box of JUST Egg Folded in your freezer, you better bring them together for the ultimate breakfast sandwich.

Bento boxes

Whether it’s a nutritious snack for your kids or a cute breakfast treat for yourself, JUST Egg Folded is perfect for adding protein to a bento or snack box.

Breakfast tacos

There’s really nothing easier (or tastier) than breakfast tacos. Cut JUST Egg Folded into halves or strips to fit the size of whatever tortillas you’ve got on hand, then top with salsa. Bonus points if it’s spicy.

Breakfast musubi

If you’ve got a musubi press, these tasty rice rolls can come together in a snap and make for a nutritious on-the-go breakfast or snack.

Hashbrown breakfast stack

Think outside the box and use hash browns as the “bread” to make these satisfying breakfast bites with JUST Egg Folded in the middle.

Breakfast pita

Tuck JUST Egg Folded into pita bread with tomato and fresh spinach for an unforgettable breakfast wrap.

Frozen breakfast sandwiches and burritos

If you didn’t know already, there’s some amazingly delicious, fully plant-based, pre-made breakfast sandwiches and burritos made with JUST Egg on your local store shelves made by our friends at Alpha that will make your mornings a breeze.

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