Love your leftovers

The best ways to use JUST Egg to transform your leftovers into something even more delicious.

More to love, less to waste

Did you know that household waste increases by an estimated 25% through the holiday season? That’s a lot of our planet’s precious resources going to waste for no good reason.

One way we can help reverse this trend is by making better use of leftover food. And our eggs are particularly useful for this. Here are some ways you can prevent food waste during the holidays using JUST Egg to transform your leftovers into entirely new, delicious meals.

Turn surplus into scrambles

Throw leftover vegetables or grains into a skillet to make scrambles, hashes, stir-fries or fried rice. Add JUST Egg at the end to tie everything together and make it extra delicious.

Turn scraps into sandwiches

The Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich might be the gold standard of leftover-loving recipes, but don’t stop there. Layer your leftovers into creative breakfast sandwiches, or use your leftover dips and sauces to dress up sandwiches stacked with JUST Egg Folded for protein.

Turn stale bread into strata

Bake your old bread into this savory breakfast casserole with layers of bread, cheese and eggy custard. Strata is particularly great for feeding a crowd. For those with a sweet tooth, use non-dairy milk, JUST Egg and maple syrup to make bread pudding or a baked French toast casserole.

Turn a carb-fest into a protein-fest

If you have a surplus of starchy leftovers like rice, potatoes or bread, use JUST Egg to add protein to make new, balanced meals, like this quinoa bowl with roasted vegetables.

Turn etcetera into egg salad

Fold together your leftovers with chopped JUST Egg Folded and a good plant-based mayo, then stuff that egg salad into sandwiches, pita pockets or wraps along with some fresh greens. Depending on what leftovers you’re using, try different flavor combinations like sweet potato chipotle or sun-dried tomato herb.

JUST Egg salad sandwich on a plate

Turn leftovers into latkes

Making a batch of crispy latkes is a tasty way to use up extra potatoes. You could also make these root vegetable fritters with carrots, turnips, beets, squash and other hard vegetables you didn’t use up during the holiday cooking spree.